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A new character for wonderland.

Alice has new characters to play with. The Tulip monkey and the Measuring bird.

Most of his tales I have forgotten; but I do recall the story of the Measuring Bird: a long-necked mathematical creature with an immense pair of glasses, who could measure any width with a single ‘he was the cleverest bird that ever lived, that is until he measured the dimensions of his own hole in the riverbank and decided it was far too small for him to get back inside, and he never went indoors again!

I can hear Dodo speaking, even now: “What a foolish bird he was, the Measuring Bird, for he baffled himself out of comfort and a home: a place he had enjoyed until that very moment, when he became too conceited or too clever to squeeze himself back in.”

“And what happened to the Measuring Bird, Mr Dodgson; please tell us, do...”

“Why he got rained on, of course, and he caught a most severe chill and he died of it. It is a very sad story, I am sorry to relate!”

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